Job Search in a Tough Economy

An economic downturn means that job seekers must take extra steps to find opportunities and secure positions. Career Services is available to assist Richmond students and alumni, providing specific programs and individual advising during your job search.

Job Search Tips from Career Services

  • Expect to have longer search times.
  • Prepare to diversify your search in terms of location and position. Be open to other industries.
  • Expect more competition.
  • Identify what sets you apart from other candidates. Why should an organization/employer take you on instead of someone else?
  • Be persistent and patient.
  • Understand the reality of your industry of interest. What is the forecast? What are the hiring trends? Are there growth opportunities?
  • Utilize your networking contacts. Contact UR faculty, university staff, university alumni, social groups, family, friends and previous employers.
  • Spend time preparing for interviews. Visit Career Services to complete a mock interview.
  • Strategically plan how to get noticed in a specific industry. Sending out more applications is not always the best plan. Concentrate on creating targeted, quality applications.
  • Consider growth industries, including government, healthcare, utilities, green jobs/energy, technology and start-up.
  • Create and update professional online profiles through social networking avenues. Become a fan of the Career Services Facebook page. Network with the UR community through the UR Career Network on SpiderConnect.
  • If you can’t find a job after graduation, think about ways you can gain the experience you need to eventually land the job you want.
  • Consider interning, volunteering, working for a temp agency, taking a gap year or freelancing.

Check out the many programs and events offered through Career Services and be sure to utilize the resources that are available to you.


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