Spring Refresh

With warmer weather and the hope of spring on the horizon comes the chance for a refresh. It’s been a long winter – is your job or internship feeling stale? Maybe your resume could use some attention, or it’s been so long since you’ve logged in to LinkedIn you’ve forgotten your password. Or, you just simply want to get organized and ready for what’s to come in the next few months. Time to dust off the winter cobwebs! Here are a few things you can do to feel ready for spring:

  1. Revisit your resume. Get another set of eyes on it and see if there’s anything you’re missing. Or, if it’s been a few months since you’ve looked at it – update with any new information, projects, accomplishments, etc. that may have happened recently. Is your resume serving its purpose for you? Is it highlighting your skills that align with the opportunities you’re pursuing? Don’t forget that UR Career Services is here for you! Advisors are on staff to review your resume (and cover letters, while you’re at it) through one-on-one appointments. And, UR alumni get Career Services free for life! You can schedule an appointment today.

  2. Update (or make) your LinkedIn profile and understand the usability of the site. LinkedIn is an extremely helpful resource in your professional tool kit.  Not only do many, many recruiters use LinkedIn, but you can use it for effective job searching, targeted networking, and even for the LinkedIn Learning platform to upskill. In fact, UR students get free access to LinkedIn Learning (which is normally available only through the paid LinkedIn Premium subscription.)

  3. Make a schedule. It’s so simple, and seems like a silly thing to recommend. But, as the days get longer, so do the tasks and when days blend together a schedule is so important. Get out the old paper planner, or revisit your email calendar, to literally schedule time to work on job search or professional development stuff. It’ll give you much needed structure in a time when things are blurred together. And remember – break this down into small, manageable tasks/goals. For example, it’s easier to tackle “identify and email 3 potential new networking contacts”, rather than “network”. Be specific with your tasks so they’re less overwhelming.

  4. When it comes to networking right now, still do it! Remember, though, that we are all going through a sudden change and even those employed may not know the status or future or their organization. When reaching out to your contacts, take some time to first simply check in with them about how they’re doing. Acknowledge that this is probably a hard time for them, and you! Networking is still important, and it’s one of the things in your search that you can control. There may not be a slew of jobs open now, so taking the time to maintain and establish connections now can pay dividends in the future.

  5. Give yourself some grace. It’s counterproductive to be really down on yourself right now, and we’re all doing the best we can. Start making small changes now that will lead to bigger results in the future, and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

Illustration by Freepik Storyset

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