Resiliency Among the (Job) Chaos

Feeling stuck in a job search? Do you feel like you’ve been working and doing things only to just have your wheels keep spinning? Many people – even those with advanced degrees, plenty of experience, and stellar qualifications – are feeling the blues of searching for jobs to no avail. If you’re finding yourself in desperation mode, take a step back and read on for a few good ways to ease your anxiety, take back your sanity, and maybe even score a new gig.

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Navigating ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) Like a Boss

Any recent job searcher knows the struggles of sending in applications, getting an automated email response, and never hearing anything again. During the Great Recession, employers were flooded with applicants and needed a solution that helped them quickly filter out the unqualified candidates. Enter ATS – applicant tracking systems have evolved, yet still remain a mystery to most and a seemingly impossible first step to overcome in the hiring process. Learn how to navigate ATS like a pro!

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5 Things to Do with LinkedIn

Ever feel like LinkedIn is this mysterious void, you’re confused and don’t know where to start – but feel like everyone else is on here and maybe I should be, too? You are not alone, my friend. LinkedIn is huge, but hasn’t always been that way. It’s organically grown into a mammoth of a professional site, yet still is untapped by so many who are on the site. The potential to start advancing your career with LinkedIn is huge, and we’ll talk about five ways to start using LinkedIn to get ahead.

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LinkedIn’s Hidden Gem – The Alumni Search Tool

Do you have a LinkedIn profile, but not sure what else you can do with the tool? LinkedIn has been around for a while now and it continues to innovate and meet the needs of users. One feature is often overlooked and underused – the alumni search tool – but it opens up a door of possibilities and opportunities to connect and meet with professionals you may never have a chance to meet otherwise.

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