Spider Shadowing Prep

Here are a few tips to make the most of your Spider Shadowing experience!

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Tip Tuesday: Summer Plans

Now that spring break has come and gone, it’s time to start the countdown to summer! If you have not yet thought about what you plan to do with your summer vacation, there is still time to put together an action plan and ensure you spend your summer gaining intentional experience. Summer is the perfect time to work on building and diversifying your skill set and gaining exposure to a variety of experiences to aid in your career decision-making process.

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How To: Go Above and Beyond at Your Internship or Job

You have an opportunity for an internship or job secured, now what? Just because you have plans doesn’t mean that should stop being proactive about your own career development. Performing well in your new role is crucial especially in the case of an internship that could lead to a job offer. Even if the organization may not be able to hire you full-time immediately, if they’re impressed by your work, they’ll more than likely be happy to connect you with their network for your job search.

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