A&S NEXT 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions

What is A&S NEXT?

A&S NEXT is a collaboration between the School of Arts & Sciences and Career Services. The two-day career program provides Arts & Sciences students with the tools to understand their personal strengths and how they can translate their Richmond education into a career that they love.

Throughout the weekend, students will meet UR alumni with unexpected and interesting career paths and gain hands-on experience exploring and solving real-world problems alongside alums and faculty who work to solve these problems in their own careers every day.

Check out the registration page for additional details!

When is A&S NEXT?

A&S NEXT 2021 will take place January 29-30, 2021.

Who can participate?

Arts & Science students of all majors and class years are invited to participate in A&S NEXT.  This includes undeclared students.

Why should I participate?

A&S NEXT provides a unique opportunity for students to learn about the many ways they can apply the skills and knowledge developed through an Arts & Sciences major to making a difference in the world. A&S NEXT fosters a community of highly engaged students, faculty, and alumni that want to support one another in developing solutions to pressing problems in today’s world. Throughout the weekend, students will have the chance to talk with faculty and alumni from across disciplines to hear about their career paths, ask questions, and form meaningful, lasting relationships. Whether a student is exploring major or career possibilities or knows exactly what kind of path they want to pursue, A&S NEXT can help them refine their skills and abilities to successfully achieve their goals.

Check out this video to hear insights from Dean Rankine, Associate Dean Palazzolo, faculty, staff, and students about the benefits of attending A&S NEXT:

How do I register?

Students must register on the Accelevents platform. Students can also learn more about the program and find the link to register on SpiderConnect.

Where does A&S NEXT take place?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, A&S NEXT 2021 will be taking place virtually via a platform called Accelevents.

What is the time commitment?

The A&S NEXT program begins at 2:00 pm on Friday, January 29 and will conclude by 4:30 pm on Saturday, January 30. Students who sign up are expected to participate in the entire experience.

What will we do throughout the weekend?

A&S NEXT is a great opportunity to meet faculty, alumni, and peers from across the School of Arts & Sciences and learn more about the abundant future possibilities available to you with an Arts & Sciences degree. Throughout the weekend, students will work together in small groups with their peers to closely examine a case study of a salient challenge facing our world today. Alumni and faculty facilitators will offer insights as they guide student groups in developing tangible solution(s) to this issue. Each group will then have the opportunity to present their solution to an audience.

In addition to networking opportunities and the case study work, students will engage in activities to better understand their strengths and how to apply them in individual and team settings. The program concludes with an opportunity to reflect on the experience and identify next steps for future career exploration.

Do I need any prior knowledge or experience to participate?

No prior knowledge or experience needed! All of the cases are interdisciplinary, and you can contribute to any of them regardless of your major or academic interests. You will receive any background materials you will need before the event. This program is a great opportunity to explore a new topic that might interest you.

Can I put the A&S NEXT experience on my resume/CV?

Of course! Throughout the program you will have the opportunity to develop and practice many key skills that employers or graduate programs would love to see on your resume/CV. If you have questions about how to describe A&S NEXT on your resume/CV, schedule a meeting with a career advisor to talk more about it.

How much does A&S NEXT cost?

Thanks to the generosity of donors, A&S NEXT is free for all students who sign up and fully participate in the program.

Registration is full. Is there a waitlist?

Yes. Once registration fills, interested students should still sign up to be added to the waitlist on Accelevents. Students will be contacted if a spot becomes available.

I missed the registration deadline. Can I still sign up?

Please contact asnext@richmond.edu if you missed the registration deadline. Staff will work with you to identify options at that time based on availability of spots.

I participated in A&S NEXT last year. Can I sign up again?

Absolutely! The case studies and faculty and alumni participants vary each year, so it is a different experience each time.

What is the dress code for the event?

We recommend business casual attire for Friday and Saturday. No jeans or sneakers please.

I signed up to participate in A&S NEXT, but I have class Friday afternoon. What should I do?

If the A&S NEXT schedule conflicts with a student class, the student should take the following steps:

  1. Speak directly to their professor(s) as soon as possible to explain the situation
  2. Contact Career Services at asnext@richmond.edu to let staff know about the conflict and receive further guidance.

A conflict came up and I need to cancel my registration. How do I proceed?

The deadline to cancel your registration without any penalty is Friday, January 15. Due to high demand and limited availability of spots in the program, there may be a consequence for a late cancellation. Students who need to cancel their registration should email asnext@richmond.edu to explain the situation.

I require an accommodation to participate in the program. Who should I notify?

Students who require an accommodation for the A&S NEXT program should email asnext@richmond.edu to explain their needs.

I did not get my first choice case assignment. Can I switch cases?

Students are assigned to case studies on a first-come, first-served basis as they complete the preference survey upon registration. We do our best to assign students to a case study that ranks towards the top of their preference list, but spots fill quickly and we encourage students to register on Accelevents and complete the survey early.

I have additional questions. Who should I contact?

For questions and additional information, please email asnext@richmond.edu and a Career Services staff member will respond to your inquiry.

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