LinkedIn Stories: Keep it Professional

LinkedIn just launched “Stories,” which, according to their website, “enables members and organizations to share images and short videos of their everyday professional moments.”

Yes, it’s very similar to Instagram or Facebook Stories, BUT there is an important difference – LinkedIn is a professional network. And, although you can utilize other social media platforms for professional networking, LinkedIn’s sole purpose is your professional life. So, let’s talk about what is (and is not) appropriate for LinkedIn Stories.

Share your work life

Use Stories to share a glimpse of your day-to-day life at your job or showcase your company’s culture. For example, maybe you walk through what a day in the life of a graphic designer looks like – examples of your work, what software you use, where you get inspiration, etc. This is not the place to share your morning cup of coffee, your cat doing something cute, or rant about a coworker- leave that for the ‘gram.

Provide expertise not personal opinions

This suggestion is from and is meant for companies – “Whether it’s resume advice from your HR team, a quick industry recap, or creative design pointers, sharing helpful tips is a sure-fire way to capture your audience’s attention.” This advice is also great for professionals to cement themselves as thought leaders or experts in their field.

Students – now, I know you may be thinking, “I’m not a professional yet, how can I provide expertise?” Talk about what you’re learning in your classes or professional student organizations, this can be new and helpful information to those who have been in the field a long time.

Important: Unless it relates to your job, and even then, it’s risky, LinkedIn is not the place to share your controversial personal opinions or political views.

Check your company’s rules on what you can share

This is a good rule of thumb for every platform, but some companies have strict rules for what you are or are not allowed to share on social media (think HIPAA.) Make sure to ensure you’re not sharing anything your company and/or clients would not want to be shared. When in doubt, always check!

Don’t know what to post? Try answering LinkedIn’s Question of the Day

LinkedIn’s “Question of the Day” feature suggests a daily question for members to answer on their Stories. Sometimes, just the prompt of a question can spark an idea in your head of what to share.

Overall, Stories is just another way to network and, when used appropriately, may garner you attention from companies or people you want to connect with – use them wisely!

Illustration by Freepik Stories

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