Getting the Most from Career Services

We’re fast approaching Fall Break, but Career Services still has a full slate of programs and on-campus recruiting events! If you’ve ever looked at our calendar and thought, “seems like I should go to that, but what is it and what do I do there?”  then this is for you.

The programs we plan typically focus on two things: learning and connecting. We aim to teach you about career choices, specific industry interests, new skills, and a variety of other professional development topics. And, because of the strong and dedicated UR Alumni Network, we aim to connect you with employers – many of whom are alumni who were once in your shoes figuring it all out.

So, say you’re browsing SpiderConnect and see – oh I don’t know – Deconstructing Health coming up on October 19. You may wonder what even is this event, and what you will get out of it. When something is an investment of your time, you should weigh if it’s worth it for you to go. For example, Deconstructing Health is one of our larger programs that covers various areas of health-related careers in panel discussion format. UR Alumni working in these fields return to campus to guide discussions and help you learn about options within the healthcare space. Bonus, you get to meet alumni who you can follow-up with and have a meaningful connection to your industry area. All very helpful as you’re figuring out how to get from A to B.

Some of the other programs include on-campus recruiting, such as info sessions, info tables, and office hours. All of these are explained here, and give you the chance to meet with recruiters (who are often alumni) representing various companies who have immediate hiring needs. These are great to attend if you’re searching for jobs or internships, but also to learn details about companies and organizations in your industry space who can potentially hire you. If one of these catches your eye because of the company name, great! Plan to attend, and then plan to put your best foot forward. Make sure to research the company and the recruiter/representative attending (if it’s public info), and be able to articulate why you’re interested in them. You should also look them up in SpiderConnect to see if they are hiring for any jobs and internships. You can discuss openings with them that you’re interested in pursuing. Usually in the event descriptions we will post what kind of attire to expect. If you have questions, a great place to start is by seeing a career advisor! We offer drop in hours Monday-Friday in Tyler Haynes Commons, third floor, from 2-4pm.

You have a lot going on, and we know your calendar is full. However, if you make time for Career Services and get excited, we promise it will be well worth your time!

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