Weaving Your Web and Getting Involved🕸

Sometimes all the opportunities available on campus can be overwhelming and other times, it might seem like there’s nothing for you at all. Straight from an alum’s perspective, here’s some helpful information on sifting through all the different options and making your time at UR both productive and meaningful.

As a first year, the 🗝 is to explore both social and professional engagement opportunities to learn what clicks. You can always drop what doesn’t fit.

“Going Greek” can mean more than just our 16 social Greek organizations. While these organizations provide far more than just the social aspect, there are also pre-professional/career and service fraternities. If you’re interested in social justice and service, Alpha Phi Omega might be a great organization to explore. In pre-health? Try Delta Epsilon Mu. And in business? You’ll want to look at Alpha Kappa Psi or Delta Sigma Phi.

Pop the bubble! The UR bubble, that is. Getting involved on campus sometimes means getting involved off campus. And look no further than the Center for Civic Engagement. While we know that volunteering isn’t just about “working for free”, it is a way to gain valuable experience in professional environments while also “filling your bucket”. Check out all the great things they have going on here: bit.ly/2lHB5pX

As a student, I saw all my fellow students working at Eight Fifteen, in the library, at the gym, and all of the other student-facing jobs on campus. What I didn’t see was the students working in Admissions, the Dean’s Office, the Speech Center, Career Services, and other less-visible offices. Our campus hires for all kinds of jobs: social media, data entry, program management, design, and tech support. There is something for everyone. You don’t just get to make a little extra money, but you can also see what it’s like to work in different office settings and again, gain valuable experience.

While you’re on- and off-campus getting all this experience that will serve you well in the job application process, don’t forget to have fun. The Center for Student Involvement, Common Ground, Residence Life, and other offices are always holding social events for students. Visit calendar.richmond.edu to see everything happening around campus and how to get involved.

Written By:
Ryan Elizabeth Foulds, ’15
Project Manager, Office of Alumni & Career Services

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