How to Up Your Expo Game with The Fairs App

Download “The Fairs App” for FREE via the App Store or Google Play. Once downloaded, select “University of Richmond” from the list of schools, then select “Fall Spider Career Expo” from the upcoming events (it’s that easy!) Make sure to turn on notifications!

Here are three ways you can use the app to step up your expo game:

giphy.gifDo Your Research
Employers are always impressed when you do your research ahead of time. Use the app to see who’s coming and when you click on their name, you can view their organization bio, majors/skills they are seeking, if they offer sponsorship, as well as position types they have available.


Star Your Favorites & Plan Your Route
When researching the organizations that are attending, “favorite” them by clicking the star icon next to the ones you’re interested in. After you’ve done this, when you go to the “Map” section of the app, you will see stars on the tables of your favorited employers and can easily find them during the expo!


Showcase Your Skills
Not sure what industry or organization you’re interested in? You can use the app to check out what specific skill-set each organization is looking for (for example: adaptability, communication, and problem-solving.) You can also filter the organizations by the skills they are looking for in the app.





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