How Career Advisors Can Help You

There is this common misconception that the only thing that career advisors can do is help students find a job. While that is one of the things they do, they can assist students with so much more, even with things that are not-so career-related. Here are 3 things about our career advisors that aren’t simply ‘helping students find a job.’

1. Advisors are connected.

Career advisors work with the university’s faculty and staff in all departments in order to stay connected. They are familiar with students, professors, and other staff members and are skilled at making connections between the three. For example, my career advisor helped me land an on-campus job by learning of my interests and passions during our one-on-one advising meeting and referring me to one of their colleagues. I wasn’t originally seeking a job when I met with my advisor, which is so cool. That’s the power of networking! If I never met with my advisor, and never had this on-campus job, I would never have been exposed to many of the opportunities that have presented themselves to me.

2. Advisors are MBTI certified.

Students can take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to discover more about themselves and how they operate. Our career advisors are certified to look at students’ MBTI profiles with a career lens and pair different work areas with different profile types. The MBTI also gives students a sense of what types of work tasks and environments best fit their personality type. If you are interested in the MBTI, you should definitely schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor. Your advisor will set you up with the assessment to take on your own time, and you will meet with him or her again to go over the results. The career advisor will then guide you in creating a plan for what you should do next, such as further research in a few career areas that you are exposed to through your MBTI results.

3. Advisors can help you choose a major.

If you have no idea what you want to do post-grad, you most likely have yet to figure out your major. Many students think they have to know their major before they come to campus their freshmen year. Good for the people that do, but there is no rush. The great thing about attending a liberal arts university is that you can explore different fields, so take advantage of that! Meet with a career advisor and tell them which classes you like and don’t like, and give them a little insight on what has interested you academically.

Learn more about one-on-one career advising:

Written By: Colby Alvino, ’19
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