5 QUICK! Interview Tips

eyesEye Contact

Eye contact, seems like a simple thing to remember, right? Wrong. A lot of people forget this key nonverbal. According to CollegeGrad.com, “If you look away while listening, it can indicate a lack of interest and a short attention span. If you fail to maintain eye contact while speaking, at a minimum it can indicate a lack of confidence in what you are saying and can even send the nonverbal cue that you may be lying.”

briefcaseDress the Part

Did you know that when meeting new people, 55% of the impact comes from the way the person dresses, acts and walks through the door? That means you have to “dress to impress!” For most interviews, business professional is the most appropriate look. Check out our helpful article on interview attire. 

6a39fffd2db4a5dff10ea0836330773cResearch is Key

Doing your research, such as reviewing an organization’s mission and values, can position you as a top candidate. This will prepare you during the interview to properly answer questions. Check out The Muse’s Ultimate Guide to Researching a Company Pre-Interview.

9146faa0eb8e45947d1f98c33519d6a7Prepare Questions

Let’s be honest, preparing for an interview can be downright stressful. In the days leading up to it, you are making sure your suit fits well, researching the company, and pouring over various practice questions. When you’re practicing those questions, it can be easy to forget that you, as the candidate, should also have some good questions up your sleeves for the interviewer! See some great example questions.

pencilDon’t Forget the Thank You Note

Follow up the same day as your interview with a thank you email, and handwritten notes within 24 hours of your meeting. Many candidates these days will only send an email, so a handwritten note can help you to stand out above other candidates in the process. When writing a thank you note, be sure to use good quality note cards that have a simple, conservative design. Also, sometimes you will meet many people through the interview process, so send an email and handwritten note to everyone who interviewed you. Learn more about interview follow up.


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