Business Professional vs Business Casual

Many students find it difficult to differentiate between the terms “business casual” and “business professional.” It is important to feel comfortable with these terms, so that we are aware of employer expectations in terms of dress.

Business professional clothing is typically conservative and consists of a business suit-either a blazer paired with dress pants or a skirt that matches. You may see employees dress this way in accounting and finance industries. While some companies prefer their employees to look sharp in a business suit at all times, creative industries, such as marketing and advertising, are more laid back and allow employees more creative freedom in constructing their outfits. We created a mosaic of business causal and business professional outfits below; feel free to click on the outfits and read all about them! You may be surprised by the variety.

So what do you think? Can you tell the difference between business casual and business professional outfits? It is important to tailor your outfits depending on your company culture; be sure to observe what other employees are wearing so you can determine what is and isn’t appropriate in the workplace and make your outfit decisions accordingly.

This article was written by Timaj Yusuf, ’18, who is the OACS Social Media & Writing Intern at University of Richmond.


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