Get Ahead This Winter Break

In addition to spending time sleeping in or catching up on your favorite TV shows during winter break, you can also use this time to get ahead on the internship or job search!

Make Decisions
Reflect on your past experiences and set goals and/or criteria for the upcoming semester. Are there skills that you’re looking to gain or strengthen through an internship? What types of jobs would you like to pursue and do you have a specific geographic location you’re looking in? Is graduate school something you are considering? Setting some parameters before you begin to search will ease the process and provide you with a mission.

Make Plans
Develop a strategy and timeline. Just as if you have a big project or paper to tackle for class, break it up into smaller steps and processes to make it manageable and create structure.

Make Contact
Reach out and connect with people in your network. This could include family, friends, faculty, alumni, colleagues, etc. Let people know what you’re looking for and see if you can gain any leads on opportunities. Don’t forget to check SpiderConnect often!

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