Tip Tuesday: 3 Updates to Make your LinkedIn Profile Shine

If you’re on LinkedIn, then you should take time to make sure you have a strong profile. When first getting set up, it’s fine to just add the content that’s on your resume, but what’s great about a LinkedIn profile is that you can take it a step further. There are profile features that allow you to share a more personalized description of yourself and your career goals as well as highlighting your skills and work.

In addition to just adding in jobs, leadership roles, service, etc. that’s on your resume, try to take advantage of these three profile features:

1. Headline
After your name, this is the first piece of information that viewers will see when they find you on LinkedIn. This usually defaults to the name of the most recent position on your profile, or when in school it may default to just “Student at University of Richmond.” Here’s what my headline looks like…

Rather than go with the default, take time to craft something that shows off who you are and/or if you’re currently looking for something. You don’t have to get too fancy, a few great student headlines I’ve seen look like this…

“Junior seeking journalism summer internship in NYC”
“Environmental Studies and Geography double major with specialization in GIS”
“Student. Speech Consultant. Philosophy Enthusiast.”
“Bilingual with an interest in International Business”

2. Summary
You maybe skipped the summary section thinking “What would I possibly have to share there?”, but you have plenty to share! If someone lands on your profile, do you think that they would be able to easily tell your interests and goals? Most likely this is not something easy to discern by just looking at your major, internships, involvement, etc.

The summary is a place where you can share more about your interests, skills, and what you’re aiming for. Even if you don’t have specific career goals giving some details about general areas of interest is helpful because you never know who might land on your profile that could offer you an opportunity.

Here’s a nice and simple summary from a current student…
li summary.png
For more ideas, check out articles on The Muse including this, this, and this.

3. Add Content
On a resume you can really only tell people about your skills and achievements, but on LinkedIn you can show them. With the ability to include links and upload files, you can add to your profile in a way that makes it more of a professional portfolio.

Did you have to do a final presentation at your internship? Get published or present at a conference from your research? Have a feature on the UR website? If so, add to to your experience. This is helpful for all fields but especially for anything with a creative aspect like design, writing, marketing, journalism, etc. Here’s an example that really highlights this person’s design skills and is supporting evidence for her bullet points…
li content.png
So there you have it, three quick ways to immediately beef up your LinkedIn profile and stand out in the right way! Just like a resume, we’re always happy to take a look at your profile and give you feedback so feel free to come in during drop-in hours or schedule an appointment to discuss your profile with a career advisor.

Drop-in hours: Monday – Friday, 2 – 4 p.m. in THC 306; Monday – Thursday, 2 – 4 p.m. in RSB Q273



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