3-Step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Summer Internship

  1. Decide what interests you

    It is very important that you get an internship in a field that you have an interest in. The internship may be directly related to your major, or it may not. Internships are all about gaining experience and learning about your own personal career interests and goals.

  2. Organize and utilize your connections

    Internships can be extremely hard to find, especially when you are only a first or second year student. The best way to find one is by reaching out to your connections. These connections may be through family, friends, or Richmond. If you know of someone who works at a company you’re interested in, contact them. Don’t be shy! Everyone has been in the same position you are in at some point in their lives.

  3. Apply, apply, apply

    There are so many great resources that make it simple for you to find and apply to internships. As a Richmond student, two of the best resources for you to utilize are LinkedIn and SpiderConnect. Both websites allow you to search and sort through dozens of internship opportunity postings, and instantly apply to the ones that interest you. SpiderConnect is great because it keeps your resume on file, and also makes it easier for you to navigate the Richmond alumni network.

    Regardless of how you do it, it is critical that you apply to as many internships as you can: applying to a lot will increase your chances of landing one!

    Good luck, and happy internship shopping!

This post was written by Emma O’Brien, ’18, the Office of Alumni & Career Services Marketing and Communications Assistant. 


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