3 Ways to Use an Expo to Step Up Your Career Game

Here are three simple ways you can use the expo to step up your career game:

Discover your options
Over 50 organizations participate in our career expos. But, you don’t have to know where you want to work, what you want to do, or who you want to work for, to attend one. This is the time to ask the employers questions and casually see what the companies are all about.

Grow Your Network
Do you have less than 5 professional connections on LinkedIn? And no, your mom and four classmates do not count. It’s time to grow your network! If used correctly, a strong professional network can open doors for you. Not only are there employers for you to meet at expos, but other Spiders! Alumni will be back on campus to give back to their alma mater and hire students like you!

On-the-Spot Interviews 
When applying online for internships or jobs, you can get lost in the “Resume Black Hole” along with hundreds of other applicants. But, there is a way out! Expos offer you the opportunity to break through the red tape and meet the employers face-to-face, which will differentiate you from other applicants.


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