Remington Pomaranski, ’16

Remington Pomaranski.jpgHometown: Oakland, Michigan

Areas of Study: 
International Politics: World Politics and Diplomacy with a double major in Anthropology and minor in Linguistics

Favorite Spot on Campus: I love the International Center because that was the first thing I saw on campus when I was visiting and what made me fall in love with Richmond on the spot. Oh, and I spend most of my time there because of classes anyways.

Career Advice: Don’t sell yourself short. It’s better to have unique experiences than cookie-cutter ones; those are the ones that lead you to your passion.

First Job: Though I had jobs as a tutor, pet-sitter, and so on, I would consider my first job working at my local cinema. I worked in the box office selling tickets, handling customers, and providing information. I learned a lot about customer service, dealing with coworkers/management that you may not agree with, and, most importantly, that every job has a very important take-away and value to it. Though it wasn’t a very glamorous, or even very fun, job, I still developed essential skills, such as communication and sales, that were vital in receiving future job opportunities.


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