SpiderConnect: A truly effective way of opening doors to future opportunities

Written By: Anastasia Hillel, ’15

Most students here at the University of Richmond have heard about SpiderConnect, but the question is- are students utilizing it to its full potential? SpiderConnect is a unique online database that allows students to search for opportunities offered by recruiting organizations and register for the special programs and events through the Office of Alumni and Career Services.

When I first began my internship hunt the fall of my junior year, I will admit I was no SpiderConnect expert. Like many other students, I had visited the database a few times but did not fully understand how valuable it could be during the job search process. I was looking for an enriching experience this upcoming summer that would help to advance my future career goals. As I began to apply to internships, I met with my advisor in Career Services, and she spoke with me about applying to On-Campus Interview opportunities through SpiderConnect, as well as registering for Expos where I would be able to meet potential employers. Through this, I found a great deal of interesting opportunities and applied to all of them.

As I began interviewing for potential internships I was excited by all the positive feedback I was getting through my SpiderConnect applications. I had many different On-Campus interviews scheduled, and was also contacted by other employers who I had submitted my application to through the SpiderConnect database. SpiderConnect is unique because the employers who choose to interview Richmond students are truly interested in what we have to offer as students coming from such a high caliber school.

Through the interviewing process, I was able to gain invaluable skills about how to have a successful interview and land an internship offer. SpiderConnect is a resource that every student should know how to use and take advantage of because it is a tool that can help students move towards goals for the future. Through my On-Campus Interviews I was able to get an internship with a great company in Richmond. Through that internship I uncovered interests in risk management and insurance and am planning to pursue an opportunity in that field upon graduation.

Looking back on my experience, I am thankful that I took advantage of what SpiderConnect has to offer and I know that I would not be in the position I am today, with a multitude of new experiences, if I had not used SpiderConnect!


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