Tip Tuesday: Finding Contacts in SpiderConnect

At least once a week I have a student ask me how they can find contact information for alumni and employers in the SpiderConnect database. There is a lot of information in our database that is available for students to use in order to make contact with organizations, or follow-up on an application. Follow these steps to find the contacts that you’re looking for!

Alumni Contacts
To find alumni, hover over the Employers tab on the navigation bar in SpiderConnect. Click on Contact Directory from the drop-down choices.


Once you’re in the Contact Directory, click on the More Options button to expose more fields for your search. In the UR Alumni field you’ll want to select Yes to see only alumni in your search. Then you can search through different geographic locations, by employer, or using keywords.


Your search will give you a list of alumni that will include their name, organization, position, and email address. If you’re interested in the organization specifically, you can click on it and go to the Employer’s profile for more information on the company and other contact information that we have for the organization.

Employer Contacts
From the same screen you can click on the Employers tab to search for organizations and not just contacts. If you’re coming from the homepage, hover over the Employers tab on the navigation bar in SpiderConnect. Click on Employer Directory from the drop-down choices. Click on the More Options button to give you additional search items. This tool will allow you to search our Employer Directory by both geographic area, industry, and keywords. In the example below I’ve done a search for companies in the Communications industry that are in the New York City area.


This will give a list of organizations that you can search through. When you click on an Employer’s profile, you will be able to see a short description of the organization. On the right hand side all contacts that we have for the organization will be listed. If you click on the Contacts tab, you will also be able to see their position. This is helpful so that you can select the best contact to get in touch with if there are multiple listed. Finding someone who is a recruiter or works in human resources is always a good point of contact. It’s also best to first reach out to someone who is lower in rank at the organization, for example contacting a Marketing Coordinator over a Vice President of Marketing.


When you are accessing their information from SpiderConnect it’s a good idea to introduce yourself in the email and also share how you retrieved their information. For example, you can write something simple like the following: “My name is Sally Spider and I’m currently a junior at the University of Richmond. I found your contact information through the University of Richmond SpiderConnect database and wanted to reach out in order to learn more about internship opportunities at your organization.” When you are reaching out to an alumni or employer, always think about having a goal for your communication. Are you looking for information? Trying to set up a phone call for an information interview? Try and be direct with what you are seeking, rather than just sending an email to reach out. This will help the contact to better understand what you’re looking for.

If you have never sent a professional email before, career advisors can help guide you in the right direction. Stop by our office, Tyler Haynes Commons 306, Monday through Friday 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. during our drop-in hours to meet with an advisor, no appointment needed!


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