Tip Tuesday: Build Skills Through Courses

With course registration for the spring semester just around the corner, we wanted to give you some food for thought this Tuesday morning. Oftentimes students will lament about particular skills that they need to build or strengthen in order to break into a particular industry or become a more competitive candidate for internships and jobs. However, taking another internship isn’t the only way to build skills needed for your career, take time to consider courses you can take to build or fill in missing skill sets. Whether you have room for elective units or can intentionally select classes for field of study requirements that will also benefit your skills, take a look at how you can learn for your career inside the classroom.


How do you feel about speaking in front of large groups of people? Or maybe even one on one conversations with individuals that you need to work with? If communication is an area that you need to build on, check out courses in the Rhetoric and Communication Studies department. Several courses we might recommend are: Public Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Business and Professional Speech, and Argumentation and Debate. Also, if this is an area you’re looking to strengthen don’t forget to check out the Speech Center and see how you can work with a Speech Consultant to build your speaking skills.


Your current knowledge and the specific areas you’re looking to strengthen will dictate what courses might be the best for you take. Maybe it’s looking at taking an additional math class after what you’re required or potentially a statistics course. If your department offers research this could be another way to gain quantitative experience as well as build your analytical skills and maybe learn some software programs.


While many of your courses at Richmond are writing intensive–this is always a skill to continue to work on! If you have room for elective units consider taking Introduction to Expository Writing which is offered by the English department. As you consider what classes to take for your field of study requirements and even your major requirements, when you have the option go for classes that you know will be more writing intensive than others to give you the opportunity to practice. As you work on assignments for your classes don’t forge to look into using the Writing Center if you’re needing extra assistance.

Best of luck as you plan for the next semester and may the odds be in your favor on registration day! Still have questions on how to work on your skill sets? Consider talking to an advisor during drop-in hours Monday-Friday 2-4 pm in THC 306 or Q273.


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