Managing Career Transitions

Today’s knowledge-based economy requires people to be resilient and flexible in a continually changing workplace.  Making a career transition can be one way to remain resilient in the workforce.

How do you know if you are ready for a career transition? 

Catalysts for career transitions come in various forms. Layoffs provide the obvious opportunity for change as people must take some type of immediate action to get back into the workforce. While filled with stress and negative emotions, layoffs can also be blessings in disguise for people who already felt trapped in their most recent roles or organizations. They may now experience the freedom to pursue another direction.

But what if you are successful in your current role? 

The definition of success is often quite different from person to person. Acquiring experience and the related promotions and salaries that often go along with it demonstrates success for many people. However, other successful people may still be left feeling unfulfilled, unmotivated, or even burnt-out. These people have approached a cross-road to re-evaluate and determine what is missing from their lives.

Career Management Process

Whether facing a career transition from a layoff or by choice, it is important to take an active role in the Career Management Process to accomplish the transition more efficiently. Part of that process involves determining what is important to you and identifying what you are willing to give up. It is also important to understand how a career transition will impact the loved-ones in your life.

Next Steps

You don’t have to make this career transition journey alone. The Office of Alumni and Career Services at the University of Richmond offers Career Services for Life for UR Alumni. New and Experienced Alumni can discuss their career values, reassess current interests, and decide how to best leverage their skills in alignment with their career goals. Appointments can be made in-person or via phone and Skype by calling (804) 289-8547.


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