Tip Tuesday: Summer isn’t a Career Break!

After leaving campus in a few weeks, don’t forget about being proactive with your career development during summer break. Whether you’ll be working a part-time job, completing an internship, doing summer research or traveling abroad, consider some of these tips to continue working toward your career development.


Utilize Career Services

Just because you’re off for the summer doesn’t mean that we are! All of our advisors will still be in the office over the summer and available to assist you, even if you’re not in the Richmond area. If you’ll be off campus we can still “meet” with you over the phone or via Skype for an appointment as well as email about career documents or other quick questions.

Make Connections

No matter if you’ll be in an office over the summer or just back home with your family, use this time to make valuable connections. If you’re interning for the summer, use some of our tips from last week’s post to take advantage of networking in your office. Even if you don’t have an internship, there are plenty of ways to make connections. You can use LinkedIn to identify alumni in the location where you’ll spend the summer, or also do some research to find people who are in a profession that interests you. Conducting informational interviews will help you to learn about different career paths along with creating valuable connections.

Think Ahead

Start thinking about what you need to have on your radar for the next academic year. Depending on what industry you’d like to go into, you may need to be prepared to start job or internship searching as soon as you get back to campus in the fall. Some fields such as accounting, finance, and consulting will begin recruiting on campus in early September. Make sure that you have a resume together and use this time to learn about cover letters and interviewing. Not sure what to plan ahead for? Set up an appointment with a career advisor and we can help you to build an action plan.


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