Transitioning from College to the “Real World”

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over! Of course, we are all looking forward to warm weather and a break from classes. If you are a senior, like me, the end of the school year is probably bringing up a mixture of excitement and relief plus a lot of anxiety.  I am definitely excited to graduate, get my diploma, and start working; however there is so much to think about when transitioning from college to “the real world.” I gave all of it some thought over spring break and did some research. Here are some resources I have found helpful that may make this transition a little bit easier:

1. How to set up your first budget:
 Create your first Post-Grad Budget

The idea of setting up a budget may sound a little intimidating but it is definitely  a necessary step to take as soon as possible.  The advice I get all the time about life after college is “learn to manage your money wisely!” Yes, you have probably gotten this far without a budget, but post-grad comes with a range of new expenses that many of us never had to think about before. Whether you are paying off your loans or paying rent, it’s important to know how much money you have to allocate towards each expense.  Budgets may seem tedious but you can’t do without one in the “real world.”

2. Finding your first apartment/ moving out of your parents’ house:
Move out of Home and into your first Apartment
Finding your first Apartment 

While some of us may be moving back home after graduation, others will be off living on their own for the first time. Of course, we have all been “on our own” at college this past year, but the majority of us will be finding apartments and paying bills for the first time. Where you live is important so it’s good to make informed decisions. The links above have some helpful tips on finding that first apartment as well as things that you should consider throughout the process.

3. Feeding yourself!
Post- Grad Cooking Tips
Food Planner App

In my opinion, this is the most important! From living on my own last summer during my internship I know that cooking for yourself every night is not as easy as it seems! Most of the time I ended up eating pasta or cereal and if I was bored of that, I bought something to eat on the way home from my internship. While I’m sure next year I will still be eating a lot of pasta and cereal, it is also important to try and maintain a somewhat balanced diet. You definitely won’t feel great after a while if you are only eating from one food group and you won’t be happy if you end up spending all of your money eating out for every meal of the day. So for starters, learn to cook! It could be fun to take a cooking class with your friends or ask a family member for some pointers. The links above have tips for planning out your meals so that you can get well and save money on groceries.

While these tips apply to graduates, they also apply to those of you who will be living on your own for an internship this summer. For people who do not have a job or an internship yet, don’t stress! We encourage you to set up an appointment or come by Career Services during drop-in hours every day from 2pm-4pm.  Post-grad can be a little bit daunting but, with a littler preparation and effort, you can have a smooth transition from college to “the real world”.


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