Pursue Your Goals with a UR Summer Fellowship

Imagine – if money were no object, what would you do this summer to pursue your academic and career goals?

What you choose to do in the summer can have a direct impact on your academic and career journey. Last summer, nearly 300 students received more than $1 million in UR Summer Fellowships.

Let’s take Kati Miller ’14, a Psychology and Latin American & Iberian Studies major. Last summer, she interned with the Irish International Immigrant Center in Boston, MA where she created a summary of recent immigration legislation, which was used to educate the entire organization. She further honed her ability to communicate and connect with a wide variety of people. This fall, when she interviewed with Deloitte Consulting LLP, she had a real world example of how she has used her research and analytical skills and her intercultural fluency to benefit an organization. Deloitte offered her a full-time job in their Federal Consulting practice, where she’ll work following graduation.

BJ Scott, ’13, a Sociology major, interned with Big River Advertising last summer. Through this internship, Scott got a better understanding of the field of advertising, working with many different departments including design, development, research and public relations. These diverse experiences enabled him to gain a fuller perspective of the industry and the many directions he could pursue in the future. Not only that, but it gave him real world experience that helped him land a job at Snag-a-Job as a Marketing Analyst following graduation.

UR Summer Fellowships provide full-time undergraduate students like you with a stipend of up to $4,000 to pursue the very best internship or undergraduate research experience you can, in any part of the world. Check out more stories and advice from last year’s Fellows to make your UR Summer Fellowship application successful. Information on how to apply is available here. Most deadlines are March 20, 2014.

Written by Katybeth Lee, Associate Director, Internship Programs


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