Tip Tuesday: Take Advantage of Resources

resource noun ˈrē-ˌsȯrs, -ˌzȯrs, ri-ˈ – via Merriam-Webster
a : a source of supply or support: an available means — usually used in plural
b : a natural source of wealth or revenue — often used in plural
c : a natural feature or phenomenon that enhances the quality of human life
d : computable wealth — usually used in plural
e : a source of information or expertise

The various steps of career development are not always easy. Researching industries, networking with professionals, deciding on a major, applying for graduate school or searching for an internship or job are tasks that can be stressful, especially on top of a student’s academic course load. Fortunately, Career Services is here to make your life easier through all the resources we offer students.

Here’s a roundup of some of our best resources so you can utilize them to take your career development above and beyond this year!

Career Advisors
There’s a team of seven career advisors in our office that are ready to assist you with creating an action plan for success. In addition to the opportunity to schedule meetings with career advisors our office offers drop in hours every afternoon from 2-4pm where you can stop by with no appointment needed! You can schedule an appointment by coming into our office (THC 306) or calling (804) 289-8547.

SpiderConnect is the way! SpiderConnect is our opportunities (think jobs & internships!) and events database that also has a variety of industry and company research tools. Every student has an account and there’s no excuse for not putting it to use. To learn more in detail about what is available to you through SpiderConnect check out this post.

Web Resources
Our website is a gold mine of resources. Whether you are looking to explore different career industries or learn about graduate school, we have information to assist you. In addition, all of our career tip sheets can be found through the Resumes and Resources section, so you can access this information on the go.

LinkedIn & the Spider Network
If you’re not yet on LinkedIn, we would encourage you create a profile and start taking advantage of this great resource. In addition to keeping in touch with contacts, LinkedIn gives you an easy way to reach your “second network” and create new contacts that can be helpful in your career development. Make sure you join the University of Richmond Career Connections group to take advantage of the Spider alumni network.

UR Summer Fellowships
If you’re thinking about an internship or research for the summer, UR Summer Fellowships should be on your to-do list of programs to look into. This invaluable resource offers the opportunity to be funded for a low or unpaid internship, or on campus research during the summer so students can complement their academics with experience outside of the classroom. Learn about the different fellowship programs here. There are also two info sessions to learn more about the program and application process on Jan. 30 4-5pm, and Feb. 19 4-5pm, both in THC 305. Register for the info session via SpiderConnect.

Programs & Workshops
Last but not least, definitely don’t miss out on our amazing programs! Our office offers a variety of opportunities for you to learn more about basic career skills (resume writing, LinkedIn, etc.), specific industry areas, and meet alumni and employers. All of our programs are listed on SpiderConnect under the “events” tab, which is where you can also RSVP for specific events.


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