Finding Motivation Mid-Semester

Mid-semester is often the time when all that motivation you had on the first day of classes starts to fade. It’s midterms season so your professors are probably piling on the work and you’re getting tired of the late nights. It can definitely be hard to stay motivated these days but here are some things that keep me going:

1. The semester is halfway over!-Knowing that I have made it through the first half of the semester helps me to breathe a sigh of relief. And knowing that I’m that much closer to a nice long winter break helps motivate me to push through those long days in the library. Fall break gave me a nice taste of home and knowing I’m halfway to winter break motivates me to finish strong.

2. Mid-term grades– While midterms are often stressful, they usually provide you with a good idea of how you are doing in the course. If I do well that motivates me to keep working hard in order to maintain the good grades. If I don’t do so well on my midterms, those grades motivate me to work harder. It may be easy to let bad grades discourage you but instead, use those grades to motivate you to do better.

3. Setting goals– Setting goals for yourself is a good way to improve motivation. Setting big goals like making it onto The Dean’s List or smaller goals like getting a 100% on your next homework quiz helps give you something to work toward. When I start to feel un-motivated, I try to keep in mind the goals I set for myself. And remembering that I only have half of the semester left to achieve those girls pushes me to put forth my best effort.

Don’t get caught in that mid-semester slump! It can be hard at times to lose focus midway through the semester. Instead, try to stay motivated and finish the semester strong. These tips work for me, and I hope they help you too!


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