Tip Tuesday: Social Media Recruiting

While people typically use social media to keep in touch with family and friends or stay up to date on current events, social media can also be used for the job or internship search. In fact, many recruiters are using social media to find candidates for their organizations as well as to check out a candidate’s background.

With an increase in organizations using social media to recruit it’s as important as ever to ensure that you maintain a positive image on all social networks. Just because your profile may be “private” or “unsearchable” does not mean that it’s safe to post inappropriate content or less than desirable pictures of yourself from last weekend.

You should always presume that there is a chance for recruiter to stumble upon your profile. On Twitter and LinkedIn, you can share professional articles related to the industry that you hope to work in, and even pose thoughtful questions for your followers. Facebook can be used to “like” and “follow” companies and organizations that you are interested in to keep a pulse on their activity. This article from Forbes talks about how to use Pinterest for the job search which is a great tool for visually focused careers like graphic design, photography, etc.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, check out some of the statistics from Jobvite’s 2012 Social Recruiting survey.

  • 92% of employers noted that they use social recruiting, up from 78% in 2008
  • 2/3 of recruiters now use Facebook to find new talent, and 54% use Twitter, while LinkedIn dominates with 93%.
  • 73% of employers always or occasionally review social media profiles—even if they’re not provided. What content stands out?
    • Positives: 80% like to see memberships to professional organizations, while 2/3 like to see volunteering or other philanthropic involvement.
    • Negatives: 54% get a bad impression from poor spelling/grammar and 47% don’t like to see alcohol consumption.

social recruiting infographic

Now that you’ve seen the statistics it’s time to be proactive about your social media engagement as it relates to the job or internship search. If you’re not yet on LinkedIn, or not quite sure how to use your account, then join us for a LinkedIn Workshop on Tuesday, October 22nd, from 5-6pm in the Brown Alley room of Weinstein Hall. RSVP for this program via SpiderConnect.


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