Tip Tuesday: Spider Road Trip Do’s and Don’ts

What’s better than reading about an organization on a website or a brochure? How about actually visiting their office, learning about their mission from people who work there, and having a chance to network with current employees who are often UR alumni?  That’s exactly what Spider Road Trips are: during fall break and winter break, the Office of Alumni and Career Services gives students of all majors a chance to meet professionals in career fields that interest them.

Where do these road trips take us? New York City to learn about finance and marketing/communications, Washington D.C. to learn about consulting and Richmond to learn about accounting, the arts and other fields.

Marketing & Communications 2013 Road Trip in NYC
Marketing & Communications 2013 Road Trip in NYC

Spider Road Trips are a great way to learn more about an industry as well as network with professionals in the field. Just like everything else related to your career development, you have to be prepared. Here are some suggestions as we get ready for the fall road trips:


  • Research the organizations, employers, and alumni that we’ll visit before the trip (this information is given to participants in advance)
  • Prepare business professional attire to wear each day
  • Update your resume and make copies to have on hand
  • Come prepared with thoughtful questions for the employers
  • Go over our Networking tip sheet before the trip, and practice your elevator speech


  • Wait until the last minute to apply for the trip, the application consists of several components
  • Doze off or text during sessions with the employers, it’s a long day but you want to pay attention!
  • Show up unprepared, bring a pen and something to take notes with
  • Mingle with your friends during the reception, take advantage of the alumni that are present
  • Wear high heels to walk around the city, bring a second pair of comfortable walking shoes to wear in between trips

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