Get Motivated for the Semester Ahead

Now that you’re back on campus with the first week of classes under your belt, it’s time to think about the semester ahead. It’s easy to quickly get caught up in your daily schedule of classes, campus activities, and other commitments, so today we have some tips for you to stay motivated throughout the semester.

First, in order to stay motivated you need to have goals that you’re working towards. The beginning of the semester, and a new academic year, means a clean slate for everyone. Check out this post from last year and use it as a guideline to sit down and come up with goals for this semester. To stay motivated, invite a friend or classmate to create a set of goals with you. If you’re comfortable, share your goals with each other and then help each other to stay motivated throughout the semester.

Motivation can be tough when working through mundane tasks and homework for class, but it’s important to look at how everything you do fits into a bigger picture. While you may set some goals specific to this semester such as getting a particular grade in Calculus or raising your cumulative GPA, it’s also necessary to start thinking about longer term goals. Where do you see yourself at the end of your UR journey? Thinking of heading to grad school? Working towards a dream job? When you’re pushing through that homework assignment or spending long hours at library remember that it’s not just one singular task, but a stepping stone to your larger goals.

Finally, take some time to review your goals often and make notes of what you’ve accomplished towards each one. Reaching a goal consists of hitting many smaller milestones along the way and sitting down to acknowledge those achievements will show you the progression that you’re making towards each goal.

Career Services can help you to intentionally think about career oriented goals and creating an action plan to reach them. Come visit us during our walk-in hours 2-4pm daily in THC 306, or call (804) 289-8547 to schedule an appointment with a career advisor.

With the whole semester ahead we can’t wait to see the amazing things that you’ll accomplish, so go make it happen!


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