Summer Internship: The Follow Up

With summer ending and many students completing their summer experiences, we hope these words of wisdom from Lizzie Wurm, ’13, will guide you with some action steps to effectively wrap up your internship. She wrote this post last fall in reflection of her summer 2012 internship with Accenture. 

Not following-up with employers is a bit like cramming for a final and then falling asleep an hour beforehand and missing the whole thing. You did all the heavy lifting, but will probably still get a zero —The Ultimate Guide to Following Up

Working with Accenture’s Corporate Marketing department this summer provided me the opportunity to work closely with an incredibly talented team of people on a variety of marketing and communications initiatives. I loved my internship not only for the educational experience, but also because of my colleagues. Before heading back to school I wanted to make sure I expressed my gratitude to them, as well as create an open channel for communications with them for the future. I researched best practices and strategized on how to foster, maintain and nourish professional relationships.

Here are a few things I ended up doing that you can easily do as well!

  • Hand-written thank you notes to colleagues—many feel that e-mail thank you notes are sufficient in today’s social age; however, by writing your note by hand you are going the extra mile, a quality many companies look for in future employees! Especially if you enjoyed your time with this company, use this occasion to express your interest in post-graduation employment opportunities.
  • Open the lines of communication by providing your contact information and reach out to them on a professional network such as LinkedIn.
  • Stay in touch regarding my post-graduation or summer plans, in case there are future employment opportunities.

Following up is just one way to differentiate yourself in today’s job market; not only will you build your professional rapport with your previous employer, but you will also keep doors open for the future. I promise following up truly does make a difference—it is already paying off for me as I am currently doing a part-time “satellite internship” for Accenture while back on-campus.

Good luck!


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