Tip Tuesday: The Master Resume

During your college career, you are likely to be active in student organizations, hold an internship or a part-time job. All these experiences are great and will help you with the next step in your career. But, here’s a question: how will you fit all this information on a one page resume? Start by creating a “master resume”.

So what exactly is a master resume? This is a copy of your resume where you can keep all of your experiences and accomplishments. This might turn into a three or four page document where you can have a record of everything you’ve done that might look good to a prospective employer. First, let me clarify that you never send a master resume to an employer. The way it works is that it will serve as your base for creating the resume you will send to apply for an opportunity.

Keep adding to your master resume and don’t worry about length. You’re just aiming to keep a record of everything you would potentially put on your official resume. This could include leadership positions, student organizations, internships, jobs, class projects, awards, etc. Make section headings (as you would on any resume!) so you can easily navigate through different categories of experiences.

Then, when you see an internship or job posting that you’d like to apply for you’ll be “cutting and pasting” your most relevant experiences from your master resume to create a one page resume for that specific application. Find the experiences that really target the skills and qualifications that the employer is seeking for that particular position.

Try and think of your experiences and accomplishments as a group of players that make up a sports team. There are some core players (education, impactful internships, major awards, etc.) that will always play for your team and stay on your resume. However, you’ll also have some players that get subbed in and out of the game, just like you will for your resume – depending on how relevant they are for that particular application.

Whether you are just filling a page with your resume, or your one page is busting at the seams definitely consider creating a master resume to help you with archiving your experiences. Work with a career advisor to learn how you can effectively create a one page resume from your master. Call the office at (804) 287-8547 or stop by to set up an appointment today!


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