Tip Tuesday: Summer Career Resources

Have you thought about keeping in touch with our office over the summer? Many of the great Career Services resources can be accessed remotely while you are on break. Whether you want to talk about how your internship is going, get assistance on choosing a major or start to think about career plans for the next year, there are several ways for students to keep in touch.


Just because you’re off campus for the summer doesn’t mean you cannot speak with an advisor. Advising appointments come in many forms and over the summer you can schedule an appointment to meet with a career advisor via phone or even Skype. While you’re welcome to email quick questions to advisors, sometimes having an actual conversation is the best way for us to provide you with the assistance you need. To set up an appointment just call our office at (804) 287-8547 and let them know if you’d like to have the appointment over phone or Skype.

We don’t get a summer vacation so if you’ll be spending your summer in Richmond you can still come into the office for an in-person appointment.

Web Resources & SpiderConnect

Looking to update your resume or for tips on how to conduct an informational interview with a colleague you’ve met during your internship? All of the tip sheets available in our office can also be found on our website under “Resumes & Resources”. If you’re still choosing a major or seeking out different career paths check out the Career Exploration section. Applying to graduate school this next year? We’ve got a section for graduate school information as well.

SpiderConnect, our opportunities and events database, is open for students and alumni to use year round. Learn more about the features of SpiderConnect from this previous post.

So whether you’re spending the summer in New York City or Nepal make sure you keep in touch with Career Services, and send us a postcard!


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