Tip Tuesday: LinkedIn Subgroups

When students are interested in networking with alumni, we recommend LinkedIn as a first step. Once you create an account and connect with the University of Richmond Career Connections group, there are multiple ways you can network and learn. One resource is the subgroups, which cater to different industries and affinities for a more targeted networking experience.

How do you join a subgroup? After joining Career Connections, find the “More” tab on the group’s main page. Once you click on “More” you should get a drop down list of items, select “Subgroups”.

LI Subgroup

You will be able to see a list of the different subgroups that are established. In addition to a variety of different career industry related subgroups, there is a group for LGBTQ Networking as well as a Summer Housing subgroup that is used for students to link up with each other for housing purposes during summer internships.

Don’t just sign up to be a member of different subgroups but be active and establish yourself. Pose thoughtful discussion questions and engage the members of group in conversation surrounding that subgroup’s topic. Find out more about how to make the most of your LinkedIn experience here [link to this post: http://spiderway.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/career-tip-tuesday-september-11/]

If you have any questions about using LinkedIn or joining University of Richmond Career Connection’s subgroups don’t hesitate to speak with a career advisor. The office is open 2-4pm daily for walk in appointments!


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