Tip Tuesday: Is Grad School For You?

Looking into job opportunities isn’t the only route for your post-graduate plans. About 14% of University of Richmond students go straight to graduate school after senior year. A majority of these students are from the School of Arts & Science and the Jepson School of Leadership Studies; typically business students will wait a few years to go back to school after they have some work experience. Depending on what your academic and career goals are, this could be an option for you!

Applying to graduate school is a big time and financial commitment. If you are considering this option here are a few things to think about:

  • Why do you want to pursue graduate school?
    Will furthering your education provide you with specialized skills that are needed for your career? Does your desired career path require a graduate degree?
  • What goals do you hope to accomplish by going to graduate school?
    How does this fit into your academic and career plans? Going to graduate school in order to “figure out what you want to do” isn’t the best idea.
  • Does your career field of interest require a graduate degree?
    This would be something good to research via the Occupational Outlook Handbook. If there are multiple degrees for your career of interest further research may be required.
  • Is this the right time for graduate school?
    Should you begin this journey now or wait until later? Some programs require their candidates to have previous work experience in the field. Graduate school is always an option that you’ll have. Make sure it’s the right time for you before making the investment.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities with graduate school…

  • Check out our graduate school section of the Career Services website
  • Attend “Applying to Graduate School” workshop on Tuesday March 26 5-6pm in THC 348 (RSVP via SpiderConnect)
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor by coming to the office or calling (804) 289-8547

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