Tip Tuesday: Phone Interviews

There are plenty of things to do in order to prepare for a phone interview. Just like any initial interview you’ll want to research the organization, understand the position you’ve applied for and craft thoughtful questions to ask your interviewer. One crucial detail not to overlook is to find a quiet space to actually have your interview. On a college campus it can be tricky to find a quiet space, your room might even be risky if you think that your roommates could get loud and disturb you.

Fortunately Career Services is here to save you! Did you know that you can reserve an interview room in our office to provide you with a quiet space to conduct your interview? As soon as you have your interview scheduled, either call (804) 280-8547 or come into our office to see if we’ll have a room available for that date & time. Make sure to reserve a room early, at least 24 hours in advance.

Here are a few quick tips to ace your phone interview:

  • Dress Professionally
    Even if they will not be able to see you, dressing professionally will help you to get in interviewing mode and have a sense of professionalism.
  • Documents
    One good thing is you can have your resume, cover letter, the job description and other documents right in front of you. Have them handy to reference but don’t shuffle around and make a lot of noise over the phone while flipping through.
  • Names
    Write down the names of your interviewers (if there are multiple) as they introduce themselves so you can remember who is on the call. This will be helpful so you can address particular interviewers as well as send thank you’s to each one.
  • Calendar
    Have a calendar or your planner nearby should you be asked to schedule an additional interview.
  • Do’s & Don’ts
    DO keep a glass of water nearby in case your throat gets dry.
    DO speak slowly, clearly, and directly into the phone receiver.
    DON’T chew gum or eat any snacks during your interview.
    DON’T answer questions with a “yes” or “no”, always add selling points onto your answers that provide specific examples of your past experiences.

2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday: Phone Interviews

  1. I sometimes conduct screening interviews by phone, and these are good tips. I also suggest you come prepared with 3-4 points written down that you want to be sure to make. Bring energy and inflection to the conversation, so it’s a “good listen” on the other end of the line.


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