Tip Tuesday: Summer Intern Housing

While looking for a summer internship, you also have to think about securing a place to live in your destination city if you won’t be living at home. To assist you in your search, we’ve created a space for you to safely connect with other University of Richmond students (as well as alumni—they were interns at one point too!) about your summer plans. Join the Summer Housing subgroup of our University of Richmond Career Connections group on LinkedIn. Career Services will also post reputable housing resources on this subgroup.


In addition to joining this subgroup, check out these resources for housing assistance in two of the most popular intern destinations for UR students:

  • WISH, Washington Intern Student Housing (Washington, DC)
    WISH has been housing interns, students and teachers in Washington, D.C. for over 20 years, and its founders have been hosting interns since 1990. Locations provide easy access to the National Mall, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress, and of course, the museums and art galleries.
  • EHS, Educational Housing Services (NYC)
    Designed exclusively for students and interns, these accommodations come fully furnished with everything you need, plus all of the extras you want. Free high-speed Internet, gym access, local phone, and TV/cable keep you up to beat, and a fully trained resident life staff keeps you in the know with amazing social events and city excursions every week. These residences are located in New York City’s best and most convenient neighborhoods, so no matter where you intern, you’ll never have to endure a long commute.

For even more check out these great resources that have been pulled together from the University of California Berkley’s Career Center. You’ll see that there are many colleges and universities that offer summer intern housing, so if you haven’t found a resource for the city where you’re interning check with local schools to see if they offer any programs.

Don’t forget about our good friend Google. Search “student intern housing [city, state]” to see what additional resources you can find. A search for “Charlotte, NC” brought up three different colleges in the area that offer summer housing opportunities.

Good luck with both your internship and housing search!


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