Tip Tuesday: Career Expo Prep

Career expos are a great way to explore career options, gather information about employers and get job/internship leads. University of Richmond offers industry specific expos that occur at different times throughout the year to coordinate with industry-specific recruiting timelines.

The Marketing & Communications Expo takes place tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 6 and will be held in the Gottwald Atrium. Prior to the expo, Katie Der ’05 from The Martin Agency will speak about her career path in the industry in Gottwald Science Center Auditorium at 5:30pm.

The Government & Nonprofit Expo takes place at Georgetown University on Feb. 22 and the Office of Alumni and Career Services will provide transportation. You can RSVP for both of these events via SpiderConnect.

Marketing & Communications Expo 2012

Once you’ve signed up, the next important step is to prepare yourself for an expo! There are a few key things to make sure you do in order to be fully prepared:

  • Perfect Your Resume
    Have your resume reviewed by Career Services (2-4pm daily for walk in appointments) and make several copies of your final version on resume paper.
  • Research
    Once you know which organizations will be attending from visiting the Expo web page, do some research on the companies of interest. Based on this research, come prepared with questions for employers to show that you’ve thought about your career goals and have an interest in their organization.
  • Develop a “Game Plan”
    Make a list of employers to visit during the expo in order of importance to you; consider visiting with your lower priority organizations first to gain confidence before meeting with your top priority.
  • Prepare Your Elevator Speech
    This should be a 30-60 second commercial about you.
  • Introduce yourself (name, major, why you’re talking to the organization).
  • Demonstrate what you know about the organization (from your research).
  • Express interest in the organization and their opportunities and explain why you’re interested.
  • Briefly describe what you have to offer: skills, leadership experiences, volunteer work, internships, etc.
  • Professional Dress
    Professional attire is required for these events, dress as if you’re going for an interview.

Don’t forget to act professionally and demonstrate your confidence by speaking clearly and concisely. Be open and honest with employers; show your enthusiasm and interest.

After the expo, do not forget about the importance of following up! Ask for a business card or contact name while at the expo. Send an email to thank your new contact for their time and continue the conversation about opportunities. TAKE INITIATIVE—do not wait for them to contact you!


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