Get Active: 8 Tips for Your Internship or Job Hunt

There are many ways to search for full time or summer employment opportunities, which can be somewhat overwhelming. As a UR senior who is only a few months away from graduation, I can relate to that feeling. But there is hope and below I have outlined some best practices from my own experience.

  1. Make your job search a priority. Start by making a list of relevant events from Career Services’ Spring Events Calendar, and commit to attending at least three. These events give you an opportunity to learn and ask questions from career advisors or even alumni and professionals in your industry.
  2. Be an active job seeker. Designate at least 15 minutes everyday to your hunt. Whether you spend this time personalizing your resume to a certain job you are applying for, sending a follow up email or networking with UR alumni via the LinkedIn group UR Career Connections, it will be time well spent.
  3. Use Career Services. UR’s Career Services offers a wealth of resources from its expert staff to insightful career handouts. Walk in hours are 2-4pm daily, or call (804) 289-8547 to schedule an appointment. Their motto is visit early and often – and it really is good advice. The sooner you are familiar with their resources and staff, the easier it will be to navigate the internship and job search process.
  4. Strong résumé. Make sure your resume is at its best, and have it reviewed by someone in Career Services if you have not done so yet.  And don’t forget: different opportunities might require different versions of your resume, highlighting different past experiences.
  5. Stay focused & keep it manageable. Have a strong idea of what you are looking for and why you are looking. Figure out what you like and what you don’t like, and adjust your search accordingly. Try using the “My Search Strategy Worksheet” from Anna’s post on Tuesday, January 22.
  6. Create your personal brand & put yourself out there – both on and offline. This post goes deeper into this topic.
  7. Network, network, network. Actively positioning yourself in a place where you can make new connections, i.e., the American Marketing Association luncheons on campus, is a great way to start building your professional network.
  8. Be realistic about your expectations & stay positive. The internship/job search process can be slow and frustrating, but it will get easier as your network expands and you determine what opportunities work for you. Consistency and hard work pay off!

Good luck and remember: you are not alone! We are all in this together – and there are tons of resources on campus that can help.


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