Tip Tuesday: Stay On Top of the Search

Beginning to search for jobs, internships or graduate programs can be an overwhelming process. There will be many opportunities that interest you, and contacts you make along the way at different organizations. As you begin, it’s best to keep things organized in order to have an efficient and effective search.

Begin by keeping a worksheet of positions or programs that you’re interested in applying to. This will make you a polished candidate:

  • Application Status: have you applied, interviewed, waiting to hear back? It’s key to remember where you are in a process.
  • Contacts: who is your main contact at the organization and how can you reach them?
  • Application Date: when did you submit your materials? This will help you to plan out your follow up throughout the process.
  • Notes: what important things have you learned about the application? When was the last time you heard from them? Did they provide information about what will occur during the interview you scored?

Here’s a sample (geared more towards jobs/internships) of some categories you could keep information on:

strategy 1

This can easily be created in an Excel spreadsheet or you could even think about creating a spreadsheet in Google Docs to have a live document that can be accessed on the go. Once you start applying to multiple positions the information can get mixed up and you would not want to embarrass yourself by not remembering information that an organization shares, or even forgetting about a position that you’ve applied for.

Download this template to use in Excel: My Search Strategy Worksheet

So take control of your search before it tries to take control of you! If you need assistance with additional ways to stay organized with your search consider coming by Career Services for walk in hours 2-4pm daily or call (804) 289-8547 to schedule an appointment.


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