Tip Tuesday: Use Your Break Wisely

Whether you’re heading out of town for the holiday break or staying here on campus, you should definitely consider using your time wisely to get ahead on the job/internship search and graduate school applications!

Here are a few things to think about doing with free time over the break:

  • Create or update your resume use our resources to develop your content, format your document, and view resume samples to get some good ideas
  • Start looking for job or internship positions on SpiderConnect and don’t forget to take advantage of the different resources available on the site
  • Find a position you’d like to apply for? Start drafting a cover letter so that you can apply
  • If you have interviews coming up after break, this is a perfect time to practice! Review our resources on the “interviewing” tab of our resource page and brainstorm questions for you to ask the interviewer
  • Applying to graduate school? This is a perfect time to sit down with all of your materials and create a check list for the different programs that you’re looking at to get organized before deadlines. Use our graduate school resources for assistance with your curriculum vitae (CV), personal statement, recommendations and more!

After you create/update some documents over the break, come see us during walk in hours 2-4pm to have them reviewed. Take advantage of this time to start planning out your search and setting goals, we’d love to have you come in for an appointment afterwards to discuss this information with an advisor!


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