A Series of Fortunate Events

I have two stories from last winter break that changed the course of my career, which I want to share with you as you make plans for your own winter break.

  • I applied and traveled with Career Services on the Spiders in Marketing & Communications Road Trip (SRT) in New York City. I got to visit and learn about a variety of fields within the industry including: advertising, public relations, account management, and brand management. I also attended a networking reception with UR alumni sponsored by the University of Richmond Alumni Association. Here I connected with over 20 Spider professionals to learn about their individual career paths. When making these new connections, I made sure to jot down a personal note so I am able to personalize my message when reaching out. Now that I have begun my job search this network has been an invaluable resource.

So what did I get out of this road trip?

  • Comprehensive understanding in my industry of interest
  • Connections with alumni who are eager to help – whether answering questions, sharing their career paths or providing leads

Don’t forget to check the opportunities provided by Career Services; in fact, the Spiders in Marketing and Communications Road Trip is accepting applications now!

  • A few days before the Spider Road Trip, I unknowingly met the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer of a Fortune Global 500 corporation. Over casual conversation I shared my excitement for the upcoming Spider Road Trip. I pulled out the entire agenda to show her the stops, which included: Hearst Media, Google, and Ogilvy among others. At the end of the conversation, she gave me her business card and encouraged me to follow up. By following up and interviewing, I obtained an internship and a job offer after graduation.

So what was my take-away?

  • Be professional and curious no matter who you are talking to
  • Know how to recognize and seize an opportunity when presented
  • Follow up in a timely and professional manner and doors will open for you 

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