Socialize Your Brand

Most of you are already using at least one if not more social media networks for various reasons: keeping in touch with friends and family, meeting new people, watching trends, etc. But did you know that social media has become a preferred tool for organizations to learn more about internship or job candidates?  Yep, you heard right. The content you posted this past weekend on your Facebook or Twitter page might be what makes or breaks your chance to acquire a great employment opportunity.

Below are a few social media dos and don’ts to consider as you begin utilizing social media as a branding tool for yourself.


  • Consider a private profile on all social media networks, where you have to approve Friends to be able to see your content. Learn how to use the privacy settings of all networks.
  • See these forums as a branding tool for yourself as an individual and potential employee.
  • Post positive content related to industries and topics that you are interested in by posting articles, videos, etc.
  • Spend time creating strong profiles, especially on networking sites such as LinkedIn. For more suggestions on how to use LinkedIn, see our previous post.
  • Keep personal information to a minimum and remember that once a piece of information is posted online, it is very hard to retrieve.
  • Google yourself every few months: what you will be able to find is also available for an employer to find.


  • Post questionable pictures or videos of yourself online, as it is practically impossible to completely delete once live in the virtual world.
  • Make negative, offensive or threatening remarks on your social media pages or someone else’s.
  • Accept all friend/follower requests before you ensure you have an actual connection to the person.

Have additional questions about how social media can help you brand yourself as you begin looking for employment opportunities? Our career advisors can help you navigate this and more. Call (804) 289-8547 to schedule an appointment today!


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