Tip Tuesday: Interview Follow Up

Thanks to our tips last week, you’ve aced the interview and are now wondering what’s next? Even after a great interview, there are still a few more things you need to do to secure the position. Thank you letters are an additional opportunity to show your interest in a position, and to further connect your skills and background to what the employer is looking for.

Follow up the same day as your interview with a thank you email, and handwritten notes within 24 hours of your meeting. Many candidates these days will only send an email, so a handwritten note can help you to stand out above other candidates in the process. When writing a thank you note, be sure to use good quality note cards that have a simple, conservative design. Also, sometimes you will meet many people through the interview process, so send an email and handwritten note to everyone who interviewed you.

Make sure that your letter has good content before sending it off:

  • Is there an experience or competency related to the position that was not discussed in the interview? Here’s a chance to mention it!
  • Remind the employer of how your skills and background fit the requirements of the position.
  • Try not to start the note with the words “thank you”.
  • Show them that you were listening during the interview by referring to something that was discussed.

Don’t forget about this important part of the interview process to express your appreciation of the employer’s time and effort to meet with you. To see an example letter, check out our “Thank-You Letters” tip sheet under the “Interviewing” tab on our Resources Page.


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