SpiderConnect is the Way

You’ve heard the name, seen it on flyers and on TV screens – but are you in it? I am talking about SpiderConnect.  What is it?  Only the most useful and comprehensive career resource that you should be using! This online database is
exclusively for the University of Richmond and allows students and alumni to search for job and internship opportunities, learn about programs and events offered by the Office of Alumni and Career Services, and also connect to a wide variety of career resources.

To log-in, students should use their UR NetID and password, and alumni can retrieve their log-in information here. Once you’ve logged in, check out these steps on how to set up your personal SpiderConnect account.


Once you are in it, view opportunities by going to the toolbar, clicking the Opportunities tab, and selecting SpiderConnect Opportunities from the dropdown.

Utilize the search features (narrowing down the job function, industry, keyword, etc.) in order to find opportunities that match your criteria. As you look at opportunities, you’ll see that you are either able to click Apply, or that you are not qualified for a position. When positions are posted, screening criteria (majors, class year) is entered so that you know exactly what the employer is looking for. If your profile information matches the criteria, SpiderConnect will allow you to apply.


In addition to finding opportunities, SpiderConnect is also a portal to a variety of different resources to assist you in career exploration as well as job and internship searching. Look for these resources on the left and right side of the page.

  • UCAN (University Career Action Network)
    • This is an even larger version of SpiderConnect! UCAN is a comprehensive online internship database that is available to 22 institutions, including the University of Richmond, with a listing of thousands of domestic and international internships.
  • Interview Stream
    • Need to brush up on your interview skills? With just your computer and a webcam, you can use this program to customize an interview with behavioral and industry specific questions. After going through the interview, you can evaluate your answers, mannerisms, etc.
  • Going Global & USA Career Guides
    • Find country-specific career and employment information, including worldwide internship and job postings, H1B employer listings, corporate profiles and career resources for 30 countries, 44 US cities and 5 Canadian cities. These databases are updated daily and are a great way to learn about opportunities abroad as well as different domestic locations.
  • Career Search
    • This tool is helpful to research information on employers, industries and professionals. It provides access to almost 12 million contacts that include company descriptions, names, titles and many email addresses.

Whether you’re searching for an opportunity or exploring different career options, SpiderConnect has something for you! If you haven’t done so yet, set up your account today to get connected. Feel free to drop by our walk in hours 2-4pm daily if you have any questions about using the site.


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