Corporate Careers Expo Prep

Are you ready for the Corporate Careers Expo that takes place this coming Monday, September 10? This is the largest expo event of the semester and it will be a great opportunity to meet alumni and company representatives, who are recruiting in the fields of accounting, consulting, finance, marketing and sales. Here’s the full list of participating employers here. The event will be held in the Jepson Alumni Center from 12 to 4pm.


This expo is an event open to students in all majors and years, so we’re here to help you feel prepared to work the expo like a pro! Preparation ahead of time will ensure that your time at the event is successful, so consider these tips as you get ready:

  • Prepare your résumé
    Make sure your resume is in tiptop shape. That is the only way to even be considered for opportunities by company representatives. 
  • Rehearse your “30-60 second elevator speech”
    In this “elevator speech” you should be able to:

    • Introduce yourself (name, major, your interest in the organization)
    • Demonstrate what you know about the organization, express and explain your interest in their opportunities
    • Briefly describe what you have to offer: skills, leadership experiences, athletics, volunteer work, internships, etc.
  • Prepare Questions
    Come up with questions ahead of time to ask employers so you have an intentional conversation with them. Some examples:

    • “I saw on the Career Services website that you have opportunities in your marketing department. Can you tell me more about the job duties of a marketing analyst?”
    • “I have gained a great deal of community engagement and service experience during my time at UR. Can you tell me more about how your company/organization engages with the local community?”
  • Research
    Determine which organizations are attending and make a “game plan”

    • Create a list of employers to visit in order of importance to you
    • Consider visiting with your lower priority organizations first to gain confidence before meeting with your top priority
    • Research these organizations by going to their website and reading about their mission and functions
  • Attire
    Professional dress is required to attend the expo; you will want to dress as if you’re going to an interview

    • Men: shirt, tie, and preferably suit or sports coat
    • Women: dress suit, pants suit, or skirt suit
    • If you don’t have a suit or a jacket, opt for a nice skirt or slacks and a professional shirt/blouse. And don’t forget the ties guys!

Once you’re at the event, act professionally and demonstrate confidence. Speak clearly and concisely to employers, be open and honest; show your enthusiasm and interest in their organization and opportunities. Use your time wisely to meet organizations and have genuine conversations; do not just grab their free items!

Now that you have the tools to prepare, it’s time to get to work. Do not hesitate to come by the Career Services office if you have any questions, walk in hours are 2-4pm daily.


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